I Was Trained To Train You


  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from UMASS Amherst

  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • American Heart Association CPR AED Certified

  • Functional Movement Screen-Level 1

There is a current trend in fitness towards the extreme. Though I applaud and commend those who go to the extreme, I can’t help but wonder “at what cost?” Are they truly developing a higher level of fitness, or are they just setting themselves up for injury? It’s impressive to see a person do a “burpee” over a swing but, why are they doing that? It is a trend that is making the average person afraid to exercise! They don’t want to take a class where a trainer is going to make them do crazy circus tricks! That is why “Fear Less” was created.

I want my clients to leave feeling strong and empowered, not beat up and worn out. There is a big difference. For those who are seeking the extreme, there are plenty of options. My class offers intensity while putting movement and function first. I push them to get competitive with themselves, and I only advance their exercise progression when I feel their movement patterns can handle the extra load. When done correctly, the most simple exercise can be effective. I aim to teach my clients that you can work hard and achieve the desired gains without breaking the body down. During the past 10 years I have fallen in love with sports performance. I love the drive and work ethic of an athlete. I love the specificity of their programs. I love applying that mentality to an exercise program for the general population. And I love when my clients have the “a ha” moment when their back doesn’t hurt anymore, or their knees feel better. I know that most clients want to lose weight and look better(we’re all human), but I am most driven by the strength gains that improve daily life.


“ What Seems Impossible Today,

Will One Day Become Your Warm Up ”

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